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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Featured Farmers - Katharine Isserlis & Erik Olson at Well Fed Farms

On the afternoon of July 1st I spent some time visiting Katharine Isserlis at Well Fed Farms, the farm that she and her husband Erik Olson have in Bow, WA.

I had a great time with Katharine learning about her daily life as a young girl who farms and learning about their farm and the broiler chickens, meeting their Great Pyrenees puppy named Steve, two little pigs, flock of hens (aka the Ladies), and Irene the cow. Katharine tells interesting stories on video and you WILL NOT want to miss the story of how she learned to butcher a chicken. There’s so much cuteness on this farm that I could have stayed a lot longer, I really would have loved to play with the little pigs and given Irene a little brushing just to spend some time with her, not that she needs it she’s a soft cow. As for Steve, that wet-nosed bundle of white fluff could have kept me entertained all day long. I’ll definitely be going back.

Katharine and Erik sell eggs and raise and sell chickens during Spring and Summer and rabbits during Autumn and Winter. They grow some produce and used to offer CSAs but they don’t offer CSAs any longer. During my visit I got some kale and a broiler chicken, both were delicious.

As you can see, the video of Katharine is divided in three sections. Enjoy!

Part 1

 Part 2

 Part 3

Updates are posted at Well Fed Farms of what meat is available and when, you may even get lucky with some eggs. Go visit Katharine and Erik, they're only a few minutes west off I-5 at the Cook Road exit, super easy to get to.

Well Fed Farms
9402 Avon Allen Road
Bow WA 98232
tel (360) 708-0520
cell (509) 954-1739

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