Photo taken at Golden Glen Creamery / Jensen & Son Dairy in Bow, WA

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Video of my visit with Steve Sakuma of Sakuma Bros Farms and Market in Burlington, WA

It was a windy July morning in the valley when I was fortunate to have the booted, bundled up, and jacket-clad company of Steve Sakuma, a 3rd generation farmer at his family farm Sakuma Bros Farms and Market in Burlington, WA.

I wanted to get this posted so I'll be adding my photographs this evening. I lamely didn't ask anybody to take a picture of me and Steve so one of these days I hope to run into him so that can happen.

About the farm ... Sakuma business extends from Washington to Oregon and California. They're tractor drivers AND strategic business people. They're 100% "vertically integrated" in the small fruit industry which (in smaller words) means their hands are in every aspect of their farm from research to planting to harvesting to processing to selling to operating a wholesale and retail nursery, etc.

About the people ... Steve's talks about his Japanese ancestors and their farming on Bainbridge Island, how the Japanese Internment affected his family, how their business has developed over the generations, the family philosophy about the farm, thoughts on the future of the farm, thoughts about agriculture, commercial and small farms, and work of a farmer these days, and American ... America.

What I learned from talking with Steve could fill pages but the purpose of this blog isn't to read my writing, it's to see the farmers and hear what they have to say. I found Steve to be quite the conversationalist with sprinkles of dry wit and humor to flavor his experience and wisdom. Steve gives a good *serious face* yet don't let that fool you, he's also a really funny guy.

So without further ado, here's my chat with farmer Steve Sakuma. I split the video into two parts, Part 1 is about 14 minutes Part 2 is about 12 minutes.



Sakuma Bros Farms and Market
17790 Cook Road
Burlington WA 98233
(360) 757-8004