Photo taken at Golden Glen Creamery / Jensen & Son Dairy in Bow, WA

Friday, June 8, 2012

Mister Rogers Remixed | Garden of Your Mind

It's impossible to say how many people grew up with Mr. Fred Rogers. I was one of the countless children who was comforted and entertained by the magic of his neighborhood and the calm presence, acceptance, encouragement, and gentle soul of Mr. Rogers. For me, Mr. Rogers was a friend and his neighborhood was a friendly and sane escape from the ugliness of a dysfunctional and abusive home. And I bet I wasn't alone. I bet a lot of kids emulated Mr. Rogers to feel closer to him. Like, when he said hi did you say hi? When he put on his sweater did you put a sweater on? When he changed his shoes, did you change your shoes? When he fed his fish, did you feed something? Or pretend to? In an era when ethnic and racial equality was many steps back from what it is now, Mr. Rogers accepted everyone in his neighborhood. Every child was special just because they were. Mr. Rogers celebrated differences. How interesting it is to meet someone different from yourself. What is it that you can do that I can't do? What is it that you know that I don't know? Maybe we can share and learn from each other. I've heard people hate on Mr. Rogers. Seriously, what kind of person hates on kindness and compassion. I wish there there were more Mr. Rogers in the world and representing on television.

I'm posting this here because the garden of our minds is one the most important gardens we can grow.

PBS Studios is responsible for this masterpiece. Enjoy and share.


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