Photo taken at Golden Glen Creamery / Jensen & Son Dairy in Bow, WA

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Coming Soon: Rhonda Gothberg + Gothberg Farms = CHEESE, BABY, CHEESE

Thrilled to say that it looks like I'll (we'll) get to meet Rhonda Gothberg of Gothberg Farms in Bow very soon! Hopefully we can coordinate in the next week or two! I'll have video and photographs to share of my time with her and I absolutely will hope to leave her farm with a collection of to-die-for cheeses which I will brag about for days and days.

As a primer, get on Rhonda's website and read about the farm and goats. You can follow her on Facebook and on Twitter as @gothbergfarms.

Btw, you can also follow me on Twitter as @urbantweeter
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And with that, I leave you with a poem by one of my favorite authors of all time ...

by Shel Silverstein  
I wrote such a beautiful book for you
'Bout rainbows and sunshine
And dreams that come true.
But the goat went and ate it
(You never knew that he would),
So I wrote you another one
Fast as I could.
Of course it could never be
Nearly as great
As that beautiful book
That silly goat ate.
So if you don't like
This new book I just wrote
Blame the goat.

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