Photo taken at Golden Glen Creamery / Jensen & Son Dairy in Bow, WA

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

DSHS has announced additional funding to help more WA State farmers markets accept EBT/SNAP benefit cards

Fewer than 1/4 of Farmers Markets nationwide are set up to accept EBT-SNAP cards so people who rely on EBT (formerly food stamps) aren't able to make purchases of healthy farm fresh foods directly from these farmers. Recent USDA funding will be used to provide electronic technology so that Farmers Markets can accept EBT cards. It's a win-win that will provide access to healthy farm fresh foods and increase the customer base of farmers across the U.S.

Here is the USDA Food and Nutrition Service SNAP Retail Locator to find Farmers Markets (and other retailers) that currently welcome EBT customers.


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