Photo taken at Golden Glen Creamery / Jensen & Son Dairy in Bow, WA

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Featured Farmer - Regino Flores at Viva Farms

Regino Flores has been farming other people's land all his life. Now he's farming his own soil organically and sustainably at Viva Farms in Burlington, WA.

I met Regino during my visit on July 1st and he shares some stories as we stood in his fragrant red and green strawberry field that smelled absolutely delicious. Regino is a life-long farmer, husband and father (his children include twins). He's happy growing good food for us to eat and hopes we're content eating what he grows. Soon blueberries will added to his crops!

(Thanks to Sarita Schaffer, Director at Viva Farms, for translating for Regino)

Viva Farms is a joint venture of WSU Extension &, an international non-profit dedicated to helping new farmers get started by providing land, equipment and infrastructure, education, training and technical assistance (bilingual- Eng/Esp), marketing and distribution support and start-up loans.

We can support Viva Farms with tax deductible donations, subscribing to getting CSA food boxes, and volunteering all of which can be done at their website.

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